We offer the following range of goods and services to our clients:

1 Server Products: Supply, Support & Maintenance.  We support various servers in our area, including our own

2 Support Contracts and Service Level Agreements.  We have a range of contracts suited to any business.  Our contract customers include Corporates, Saw-mills, restaurant chains, Lawyers, and others

3 Advice and Solutions.  We can advise you on any it solution needed, from supplying a computer, to software, to gaming rig, to a Server and network.  If it is ITC we can help

4 Sale of new computers and peripherals and accessories from our Retail outlet in the Knysna Mall, our Technical Workshop and from our On-Line Website

5 Repairs and maintenance to existing computers, laptops, printers and other electronics. We sub-contract out repairs of screens.  We can Repair Aple Products.

6 Software support on the current popular packages

7 Networking, be it wired, or wireless. Home or business.  We have installed and support small and LARGE networks, with a mix of Wired and Wireless, with all types of traffic, all across Knysna

8 VoIP – Voice over Internet. We have a stable cost effective solution for any size business, saving you up to 40% on call costs

9 Our shops have fully equipped workshops, open to the client – We do not hide the client’s equipment behind a wall while we work on it. The client has full access to watch what is happening

10 We have also supplied product and expertise in other related fields:

  1. POS (Point of Sale) – We support various restaurants and retail outlets across Knysna
  2. Omni Accounts, including the POS side – We are the local Omni distributors in our area
  3. Biometrics (Clock card & Access Control using Fingerprints) – We have clients using our systems, we use the systems we sell – we know our business
  4. Media systems

11 Business partner support to Multi-nationals – We do work for various Multi-national support companies