About Us

Business Overview

History of development and achievements

iTFuture has successfully operated in the Knysna area and Surrounds since July 1999. We have grown from a one man operation, working out of a car, to a current staff compliment of over 10 people. We have moved from the boot of a car to our own building, supplying computer equipment and services to the greater Knysna Area

We have the competitive advantage in that we are the longest running Computer Retail Shop in the Area. There are very few competitors in the area that have survived as long as iTFuture. We believe the main reason iTFuture has lasted so long and will continue to thrive is that the Company, its Member, and staff have consistently provided a Quality Service and Product, and have been able to change with the times and technology, even surviving and growing, even during the recessions. We have understood the needs of our area, and have managed the business with skill and a mix of confidence and caution, and without ever overextending the business. We also know our product very, very well…

Our recent branching into Online Retail is a natural extension of our current business utilizing our existing knowledge, contacts and suppliers to serve a wider range of customers nationwide

Corporate Structure

Legal form

  • Into the Future cc is registered as a Closed Corporation (Reg No CK1992/025716/23)
  • Into the Future cc trades under the name of iTFuture Computer Solutions (iTFuture)
  • iTFuture has a current Tax Clearance Certificate from SARS
  • iTFuture is an automatic Level¬†4 BBBEEE company. ¬†Available here
  • Our PAIA Manual is available here


We are a Solutions Provider. Our mission is to supply top quality systems, parts and service to our client database, within a reasonable time frame at a reasonable price. We do not want to supply the cheapest products, as these generally fail faster than the higher quality products. In general, we offer a Four hour response time, with resolution of problems within Eight working hours (if possible). We are currently working on getting our response time down to under Two hours. All computer retailers generally offer the same type of product and similar service. We try to be different with the quality, speed and first time resolution of any problem, anywhere. Customer Service is not an optional extra; it is the basis of our business. iTFuture has relationships with the major manufacturers, such as Intel and Microsoft to ensure top notch, relevant support.

We are continually looking at new ways to improve our clients businesses through current, new and innovative technologies.